Social Responsibility

As we connect with the finest manufacturers of packaged food solutions in Latin America, we endeavor to help and give their local communities the opportunity to sustain their growth for a better future.
Social Responsibility


To seek to raise awareness among our community about environmental issues, as well as to be inspired by our ancestral culture and to seek harmony between nature and all its species, including the human. Among our pillars are the principles of sharing, thanking and accepting.

We fight for the conservation of endangered species, among these main objectives is that of the Andean Bear, native to our regional area of the Andes. We've made donation conversations in addition to informative and emotional content about them.

We import health in all its aspects, we believe that a nutritious diet represents and influences a healthy and enriching type of life both physically, mentally and spiritually. For this reason it preserves our organic and vegan snacks considering our motto Food for Good, thus embarking on our environmental impact and to those who consume it.

The importance of our snacks is based on inclusive eating, with an allergen-free and gluten-free line, in this way anyone who looks with the same positive effects. We fight obesity by keeping our products sugar-free, thus sustaining a quality life for children as adults.

Reducing our carbon footprint and environmental impact is fundamental within our activities, so we acquire organic waste and our zero production at the Eco Plant where we create all our sandwiches. We are interested in all our information being transparent, that our customers have the access to follow the trace of the quality of the received.


We have the HACCP certificate, which ensures our high quality work within our plant. In addition, we also have the certifications of preserving our products completely organic and vegan.